Happy hour is everyone’s early evening escape from a stressful day at work, running kids to various activities, or as a way to kick back with some good company when the business of the day is finished. What better way to experience happy hour than with the smooth and relaxing atmosphere that is created through jazz.

Want a Relaxing Happy? A Jazz Club is It!

Though Denver is not the birthplace of jazz, it’s nightlife and club scene has catered specific lounges and happy hour spots to the cool and easy style of jazz music. Whether you’re interested in soaking up the laid-back atmosphere, or looking to have a drink without the rowdiness of the average club, jazz clubs in Denver are your stop for the best happy hour in town.

Jazz clubs have long been a traditional way to express string and soul. Bars, restaurants, and clubs promote happy hour as a way to increase sales and revenue during slower business hours. There is no greater way to enjoy drinks and great company than by visiting one of Denver’s jazz clubs for happy hour.

Jazz clubs are often small locations compared to other music venues. The dark, enclosed atmosphere creates an intimate setting that differs greatly from the general club and nightlife scene. Many early jazz clubs were started in the basements of buildings and small lounges. The model has held the same structure for decades as an established club scene.

It’s easy to find a happy hour spot on any given day of the week in Denver. The difference between a happy hour spot, and visiting a jazz club for happy hour is the experience that comes with it. Any restaurant that serves alcohol can serve up a happy hour, but a jazz club provides a soulful escape and a stress-releasing atmosphere. Transform your happy hour from drinks and salty french fries, to a jazz club for a laid back experience of drinks, music, and the company that will leave you loving happy hour.