Jazz music dates back over a hundred years and encompasses a wide range and variety of musical styles. Heavy uses of improvisation, swing note, and polyrhythms make the jazz genre hard to define. Jazz music has a deeply rooted foundation in the experience and hardships of black Americans, but European harmony, traditional brass bands, American pop-music, and African musical styles are all collaborative elements that create jazz sounds. Not sure if jazz is for you? Visiting a jazz bar could help.

It’s All About the Jazz Experience

Jazz is a comprehensive music genre that does not follow any traditional rules. As its popularity spread around the world, the developing sounds of jazz drew on various national, regional and local music cultures, which paved the way for a vast range of different styles. The history of jazz and the genreā€™s ability to conform to its musicians is only part of its popularity. Jazz has seen a variety of forms throughout its history. There are eras of orchestral jazz, string jazz, big band jazz, bebop, and soul jazz.

The experience is what jazz is all about. Whether an experience is being expressed through the sounds and movement of the number, or you are the listener, experiencing the passion and talent of a jazz musician, the genre encourages individual experience. Jazz artists are known for using heavy improvisational techniques. They use the atmosphere and the crowd to create an illustration of what they are trying to express. The only way to experience the true sensation and creativity of jazz is to visit a jazz bar.

A jazz bar is any venue where the primary source of entertainment is live jazz performance. Jazz clubs typically are licensed to sell a full bar of alcoholic beverages. Depending on the type of performance being featured in a jazz bar, you could see anything from a wide open dance floor and big brass band, to a sensual and dark nightclub with deep colors and comfy furniture for a relaxing smooth jazz experience.

No matter where you find yourself checking out jazz music, one thing is for sure, you will never get the same experience twice. Not sure if jazz is for you? You need to visit a jazz bar and experience the history, soul, passion, and creativity of this American genre.