A night out on the town is a great way to wind down from a week of work, school and all the stressful details of the days past. Denver has one of the country’s most up-and-coming nightlife scenes, full of live music and tasty tapas. Every month, live jazz artists perform at a handful locations downtown, bringing smooth and savory to your nightlife routine. What better time to mix jazz into your weekend warrior unwind than during jazz appreciation month (JAM) in April.

Why Nightlife in Denver is Better with Jazz


Jazz has a rich and classic American history, dating back to 1895 with jazz artist Buddy Bolden. Since then, thousands of artists and musical gurus alike have fallen in love with the sound, passion, and soul that jazz brings to life. Over two centuries later, jazz is still an attractive way to create a relaxed, warm and comfortable atmosphere that brings together history and nostalgia to establish an excellent night out on the town.


Many have found music to be an escape and an expression of their emotions. Sharing stories about life, love, heartache, money, etc., is one of the greatest ways music is used for communication. Jazz has historically established musical birthplaces across the nation and has been the soundtrack to events throughout American heritage. Communicate through jazz or take in the vibes when you incorporate the unique jazz culture into your Denver nightlife.


By the end of the week, all you care about doing is letting go of the business, and relaxing with great food, drinks, and company. Jazz sets the tone for an atmosphere that allows you to unwind, de-stress, and forget about life’s strenuous details. Clubs all over Denver feature nightly jazz musicians whose talent and passion will leave you refreshed and calm all weekend long.

Throughout April, the celebration and recognition of jazz culture are featured in clubs all over Denver. Eat, drink, relax and take in the laid back nature of this timeless genre.